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26 Mar

Six months after graduation, he started to make payments on his 10-year loan

Six months after graduation, he started to make payments on his 10-year loan

Erinne Kennedy, DMD, MPH

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Today’s strategies for the repayment of dental school loans are simply a Band-Aid for a larger public policy issue around student debt.

Consider this example: In 1983, my father graduated from The Ohio State University College of Dental Medicine as a general dentist. He owed $40,000 dollars for his education. Interest started to accrue when he began making payments. In those days, interest rates for education loans were around 8.5%. This was a time when mortgage rates for homes were around 13%.1

Now compare this to my experience. I took out my first loan to pay for my dental education in 2011. On the day my loan was activated-the day I began classes-I started to accrue interest on that loan. The interest rates on my loans range from 6% to 8%. That’s nearly twice the rate of a current 30-year fixed mortgage, which is about 4%.1

The bottom line is this: For today’s dental students, not only is it how much they are paying in interest on their student loans, but when their student loans begin to accrue interest. The current arrangement is costing dental students and upcoming dental professionals dearly. The time for a policy change has come.

You might be thinking, Can policy really make a difference? or Maybe dental education is simply expensive. Yes, dental education is expensive. It is important to recognize the fact that tuition for dental school has risen sharply over the last few decades.

12 Mar

You’ll want to spend full level including attract plus the costs

You’ll want to spend full level including attract plus the costs

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